Inspirational Catholic Quotes

For those of us who need a quick pick-me-up on occasion…

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“Those who have the faith had better keep in the state of grace and those who have neither had better begin to find out what they mean, for in the coming age there will be only one way to stop your trembling knees, and that will be to get down on them and pray.” – Ven. Fulton Sheen

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Sheen - socialism

Gotothe Madanna

“Act as if every day were the last day of your life, and each action the last you perform.” —St. Francis de Sales

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abortion and violence

“Acquire the habit of speaking to GOD as if you were alone with Him, familiarly and with confidence and love as to the dearest and most loving of friends.” —St. Alphonsus Liguori



noise and liturgy

God Alone Sufices

the road that leads to Heavin

The beauty of one soul in the state of grace

St. Padre Pio still working


learnhowto think

If a mother can kill her own child

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Merton - Image of God

truth doesn't change

even if the soul is dark

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“the final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family. Don’t be afraid because anyone who operates for the sanctity of marriage and the family will always be contended and opposed in every way, because this is the decisive issue” Sr Lucia

How to pray


Hold on to the Rosary

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how much we have loved

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Chesterton no God no atheists

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of no avail

grace increases

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Madonna next to the tabernacle

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present at Calvary


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My job

wear the scapular


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move the world

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He must increase

greater gifts greater humility


only the heroic

all that we do

the heart of a mother in heaven

Viva Cristo Rey

exalted and humbled

abandon yourself

God or the world

cowardly enemy
The child in the womb rights

something holy something divine

more Catholic not less

hell exists and it's not empty


the greatest deception

Sheen - Responsibility

if the gospels were lost

how happy

assist the souls in Purgatory

can't be more merciful than Christ


Sheen - God Loves Me

do you wish to rise

The goal

Sheen - Pray for the souls in Purgatory

miss no opportunity


what is true and what is right

Devotion to Mary

Benedict16 clear faith

Everything Can Be A Prayer

Guardian Angels

He instructed them

Holy Souls

Humane Vitae


Morning prayers first

never be afraid

Once you understand the Eucharist


St Teresa of Calcuta _ the means

St. Padre Pio - remain close

The Words of God

dont regret suffering

if you don't want to go to mass

In Mary there is accomplished

Mother Teresa - we belong to each other

mother TeresA joy

offer your temptaions

one good confession

Pio on enemy assaults

Sheen - Birthth Control

Sheen - civilization in danger

Sheen - how to be worthy of a woman

Sheen - mood of the age

Sheen - no room for God

Sheen - Only the simple and learned

Sheen - quote-there-are-two-ways-of-waking-up-in-the-morning-one-is-to-say-good-morning-god-and-the-fulton-j-sheen-49-75-37

Sheen - Room for God

Sheen - The Rosary

Sheen Grace

Sheen jealousy and mediocrity

Sheen Tolerance

Sheen religion today

Sheen Who is going to save our Church

Sheen yourself

Sheen- marriage

True Love Hurts

Who you are

3 reasons to fast

church militant

difference between sinner and saint

do everything out of love

easy going weakness

fully to God

in through with me

most powerful prayer

Sheen - always love

Sheen - broadminded

Sheen - Happyness

St. Andrew Kim Taegon martyr

The Lord wins in the end

there si no hurry

truth and mercy

Without the Church

word or letter

Yesterday is gone

Yhy will be done

if God causes you to suffer


Mother Teresa - What is left

out of your head



Sheen - I'm Catholic But

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