St Irenaeus Papal authority described in 180 AD


WHAT DOES “PAPAL INFALLIBILITY” MEAN?! | Catholicism and the Pope

One of the MOST misunderstood Catholics teachings is about “Papal Infallibility” Do Catholics worship the Pope? Or believe the Pope is PERFECT? This is what the Church actually believes!

Dr. Scott Hahn answers a caller who explains that papal infallibility is a roadblock to his conversion.

Catholic Answers Director of Apologetics Tim Staples explains the Biblical basis for papal infallibility.

Biblical scholar and Holy Land pilgrimage leader Steve Ray delves into the Jewish roots of the papacy, namely “the keys”, “the rock”, and “the chair”. Ray, a former Baptist, draws from his trips to the Holy Land to bring to life the commissioning of Peter as the first pope using vivid historical and contextual highlights.

Papal Primacy discussed by Scott Hahn.

Dr. Scott Hahn, professor of biblical theology at Franciscan University, overviews the biblical and theological foundation for the papacy in his lecture: “The Pope: Holy Father”.

The Problem with Sedevacantism

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