In this talk, Mr. Broussard offers a fascinating catechesis on the Catholic doctrine of Purgatory and dispels the common misconceptions that surround this doctrine among both Catholic and Protestant circles. In response to the question, “Where is that in the Bible?” Karlo provides the evidence that the reality that Catholics call Purgatory is a doctrine found both implicitly and explicitly in the Sacred Page. To view segment II of this talk, please visit http://www.divinechildinstitute.com or Karlo’s youtube channel.

Jimmy Akin gives a caller advice on how to defend the concept of purgatory from the Bible.

Tim Staples answers a caller who asks is Matthew 5:26 is a good proof-text for the doctrine of Purgatory.

Purgatory – Tim Staples

Scriptural Basis for Purgatory – Tim Staples

What is meant by the final purification? Understanding the Catholic notion of purgatory requires knowing the difference between a temporal consequence and an eternal consequence; this difference has nothing to do with damnation and salvation. Some people reject the idea of purgatory because they misunderstand its purpose. In this video, Fr. Mike explains why purgatory is needed and straightens out some of those misunderstandings.

Purgatory is one of the most contested and misunderstood Catholic doctrines. The most common objection one hears from Protestants is that “Purgatory is not in the Bible!” Other objections include, “Purgatory is a man-made invention to enable the Catholic Church to make money through the sale of indulgences” or “To believe in Purgatory is to believe that Christ’s work on the Cross was not sufficient.”

In this presentation Robert Haddad responds to these objections while giving a detailed outline of the Catholic doctrine of Purgatory. In addition to showing how Protestant objections are baseless, Robert shows why Purgatory is necessary and expounds on the many verses in Scripture that support it.

Finally, Robert shows how belief in Purgatory has clear support in the writings of the Church Fathers and was integral in the worship of the early Church.

Saints in Heaven and Souls in Purgatory with Patrick Madrid

Messages from Purgatory – EWTN Vaticano