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St. Patrick's Breastplate, Sung by Angelina

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"The Deer's Cry", or St. Patrick's Breastplate, sung by Angelina, (EWTN)

And Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Also, Happy Birthday to my Grandparrents on my mother’s side.. I miss and love you both. And I thank you…

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Amish, Ok. Catholics, No. – USCCBlog

The Amish are exempt from the entire health care reform law. So are members of Medi-Share, a program of Christian Care Ministry. Yet, when the Catholic Church asks for a religious exemption from just one regulation issued under the law … Continue reading

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Obama vs. The Catholic Church

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The Contraception Deception – CIA

Modern man has divorced sex from procreation through his embrace of contraception. This Contraception Deception within the Catholic Church has come about by a near total betrayal of the faithful by their shepherds and leaders.

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Pius XII and the Jews

Contrary to commonly held belief, Pius XII fought stridently to save the Jews of Europe from the gas chambers of Nazi Germany. Moreover, his courageous efforts were universally recognized until the mid 1960s… until liberal Catholics began to spread lies … Continue reading

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Galileo : Making the Case for Faith & Science – CIA

The true reason Galileo was tried for heresy is two-fold: first, for his theological ideas such as the meaning of scripture, and second, for his scientific findings such as heliocentrism.

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Are Bishops Missing An Opportunity To Teach On Contraception?

Also, “The Fruits Of The Contraceptive Mindset”…

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