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Benedict XVI: Maximus the Confessor on Gethsemane and the Mystery of Redemption

Originally posted on Enlarging the Heart:
Pope Benedict is discussing the teaching of Maximus the Confessor (c.580-662) that Christ possessed a human and a divine will (as was subsequently taught by the Third Council of Constantinople in 680-681 after Maximus…

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Need A Miracle?

Click here and pick one…

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Through The Virgin Mary

God came to us through the Virgin Mary. It seems logical that we can go to Him the same way. Mother Mary, pray for us and bring  us to your Divine Son, as you brought Him to us. Amen.

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Forgive Me, Father…

No, you do not have to confess this… If we did, I would have to have my own designated confessional.

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Even More On Truth…

Truth is its own argument, its own proof. You can rail against it. You can vote against it. You can deny it. You can attempt to redefine it. You can accuse it of falsehood. You can stretch it. You can … Continue reading

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