History Of Protestantism

Protestant Christians base their faith on two premises:

  • Sola Scriptura – the belief that all truth is contained within the boundaries of scripture
  • Sola Fide – the belief that we are saved by faith alone

Neither of these doctrines is mentioned anywhere in the Bible itself, a fact which renders them false before the horse leaves the gate. 

Springing from these two false teachings is the belief that anyone can properly interpret scripture for him/herself, a belief that, in the minds of our separated brothers and sisters, makes the Papacy and the Magisterium not only un-needed, but false and evil as well. 

This view is also self contradictory because those who hold it are saying that they “don’t need a pope” to tell them what to believe are, in fact, making themselves their own pope. And those who follow the teachings of their pastors are making their pastors their pope. 

So, where did these doctrines and ideas originate? How did they come to be accepted by so many sincere and well-meaning Christians? How did so many of our brothers and sisters in Christ come to be separated from the fullness of truth?

Here are a few videos which will shed some light on the origins of Protestantism, various Protestant denominations, the people who started them and the ideas that lead to their creation. 

And, as John Henry Cardinal Newman – convert to Catholicism – said, “To be deep in history is to cease to be Protestant.”

What You Don’t Know About Martin Luther

An extremely important and revealing look at the life of the first Protestant. This video covers how Martin Luther, the first recognizable Protestant and the progenitor of all non-Catholic denominations, “discovered” and invented his doctrines by the day. It shows how he still claimed to be a Catholic at the very time that most Protestants believed he began the Protestant “reformation.” It explains how he came upon his beliefs later than you might think. It covers Indulgences, and more. It shows how all Protestants are following Martin Luther’s man-created religion.

Martin Luther, The Devil And Denominations

An important and interesting look at the shocking and outrageous statements of Martin Luther, the first Protestant. It covers his interaction with the Devil. It also examines the formation of the many non-Catholic, so-called “Christian” denominations, all of which were created by men and ultimately came from Luther.

Who Founded Your Church?

A historical look at many of the tens of thousands of Protestant denominations which exist, showing the dates they were started and the people who founded them. 

Sad Story Of The Bible

The History of  the doctrines of  “Sola Scriptura” and “Sola Fide”.






Unbelievable Error of Protestantism – Reformation Theology’s Fatal Flaw – Parts 1 and 2