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If you are Pro-Life, you really don't want to miss this video and if you are pro-abortion you really NEED to see this video

Update: EVERYBODY should see this video… Thx to 8 Kids And A Business Based on a true story, extremely powerful video revealing women’s true beauty, strength and love. And it’s not from an industry you would expect… Wow… And wow … Continue reading

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The Seven Sacraments

This is a very nice overview of the 7 Sacraments. Short. Sweet. To the point.

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Litany of Humility

O Jesus! meek and humble of heart, Hear me. From the desire of being esteemed, Deliver me, Jesus. From the desire of being loved… From the desire of being extolled … From the desire of being honored … From the desire of … Continue reading

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I wasn't ready for marriage

Originally posted on The Matt Walsh Blog:
I met my wife on eHarmony. I was a morning rock DJ in Delaware, she was living in Maryland and finishing up her degree. I drove two and a half hours to pick…

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Dear Father: What I Don't Want At My Funeral

Originally posted on 8 Kids And A Business:
Posted at Catholic Insight Painting: An Angel Frees the Souls of Purgatory by Ludovico Carracci. Source: Wikimedia Commons Dear Father, About that funeral I attended at your parish: I know you were trying…

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UN Report Expresses Displeasure With The Church's Teachings On Abortion And Sexuality

Commence to belly laughing. Regarding the Concluding observations on the second periodic report of the Holy See report released by the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, I have gone through most of the report (see link above) and … Continue reading

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Maafa21 – Racism – Eugenics – American Eugenics Society – American Birth Control League – Planned Parenthood: History of Planned Parenthood

African Americans are voting themselves out of existence… This is staggering… When African Americans on the street were asked the question “What would you say is the number one cause of death in the African American community?” they came up … Continue reading

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Acts 8: Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, BAM!

Patrick Vandapool gives a great, short, sweet and to the point explanation of how some protestants misuse a verse in Acts to “prove” that baptism by immersion is the only way to do it. Then he goes on to use … Continue reading

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The Church Fathers and The Mass In The Year 155 A.D.

Many people believe that the Catholic Church, the Mass, the Eucharist, etc. were invented in the middle ages, but a little excursion into the early history of Christianity paints a much different picture.  There is an abundance of information available … Continue reading

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