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5 of the most common myths about the Bible and the Catholic Church From Against the Heresies

44 REASONS I LEFT PROTESTANTISM FOR THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. Catholic convert confesses… From Against The Heresies

666 – Against The Heresies

Catholic Answers Insider- A Great Cloud Of Witnesses


The Mass In Scripture By Against The Heresies

SOLA SCRIPTURA (Bible Alone) By Against The Heresies

Defending the Faith


a catholic rebuttal to a protestant exegesis of matthew 16-13-20. (biblical evidence for the catholic faith) mark n rose wilkinson

A Plea for Intolerance Venerable Fulton J. Sheen

Are You Saved? William H. Kammerer, Jr.

Articles On The Papacy By Ken Litchfield

Apostolic and Church Authority by Ken Litchfield

Apostolic Auth∧Succesion by Ken Litchfield

Apostolic Tradition by Ken Litchfield

Assumption of Mary by Ken Litchfield

Athanasius was a Catholic by Ken Litchfield

Augustine Catholic by Ken Litchfield

Augustine Catholic 2 by Ken Litchfield

Augustine on Baptism by Ken Litchfield

Augustine on Mary by Ken Litchfield

Augustine on Pauls Works of the Law By Ken Litchfield

Authority from Jesus By Ken Litchfield

Why Authority Is Required By Cole Parker

Simon Peter who became the First Bishop of Rome the Pope by Ken Litchfield

Baptism Infant By Ken Litchfield

Baptism Short By Ken Litchfield

Household (Infant) Baptism In The Bible by Susan Skinner

Body of Christ Theology by Ken Litchfield

bible cheat sheet

Bible Development Timeline by Ken Litchfield

10 Biblical Reasons Christ Founded the Papacy by HHAMBROSE From Against The Heresies

Bible the Highest Authority? by Ken Litchfield

Is the Bible the Only Word of God? by Ken Litchfield

Bible Only Word of God by Ken Litchfield



Catholic Understanding About The Atonement By Ken Litchfield

Did the Church blend Christianity with paganism when Constantine the Great had signed the Edict of Milan? From Against The Heresies

Do we need to have a Personal Relationship with Jesus? by Ken Litchfield


Differences Between Catholic And Protestant !0 Commandments Response By Zackery Holmes  On Facebook

God’s Masterpiece by William H. Kammerer, Jr

Grace And The Sinlessness Of Mary By Against The Heresies

Jimmy Akin’s list of Deuterocanonical References in the New Testament

How the Sacrament of Reconciliation Keeps Us Holy by Ken Litchfield

How does purgatory fit in with 1 John 1-7 which says that the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin?

In Answer To Protestant Objections To MT 18-18 -Binding And Loosening From Against The Heresies

Jihad and Crusade by Against The Heresies



List of Churches In Union With Rome From Against The Heresies

Lord_s Prayer in the Bible and Didache by Ken Litchfield

Martin Luther Venerated The Virgin Mary And Was Very Catholic In His Thinking By Theodore Shoebat via Against The Heresies

Orthodox question concerning papal infallibility and supremacy.Discussion

Outside The Church There Is No Salvation Answered by Colin B. Donovan, STL

Praying With The Saint By Ken Litchfield

Predestination by Ken Litchfield

Purgatory is in the Bible by Ken Litchfield

Q and A on Paul and The Trinity

Question- Oral Tradition answer by Gery Donovan


St.Timothy, St.Titus, Pope St.Clement I, St.Ignatius and St.Polycarp From Against The Heresies

Salvation as a Process by Ken Litchfield

Salvation Outside of the Catholic Church Assembled by Ken Litchfield

Salvation- Catholic View Ken Litchfield

Scriptures Supporting Purgatory Posted By David Valpuesta

Sola Scriptura in the Bible by Ken Litchfield

Saint Thomas Aquinas on Humility- A Species of Modesty That Regulates The Desire Of One’s Own Excellence

Statues, Images, and Relics – By Ken Litchfield

The Bible Alone is not in the Bible by Ken Litchfield

The Bible on Hell by Ken Litchfield

The Canon of Scripture by Against The Heresies

The Church That Jesus Left Behind to Carry on His Mission by Ken Litchfield

The Didache [The Teachings Of The Apostles]

The Essentials That Protestants Agree On?

The Eucharist- Real Presence or “Real Symbol” by Ken Litchfield

The Evolution of Judaism into Catholic Christianity

The Good Thief on the Cross By Ken Litchfield

The History of the Ten Commandments by Ken Litchfield

Description Of The Early Mass By St. Justin Martyr

The Necessity Of The Trinity Response By Anastasia Theodoridis

The Protestant Personal Opinion Error By Against the Heresies

The Real Presence Of Christ In The Eucharist By Against the Heresies

the seven sacraments of the catholic and orthodox churches by mark n rose wilkinson

The Short History of the Bible by Ken Litchfield

Sign of the Cross by Ken Litchfield

The Trinity, the Nicene Creed, and the Filioque by Ken Litchfield

The Trinity Concept By Steven Clayton Wallace

The Truth About the Rapture by Ken Litchfield

The Truth About the Inquisition by Thomas Madden (A non-Catholic scholar) *Summary*

There is no judgement, just a “welcome to heaven”? “Religion turns you away from morality”?


Bible Short History by Ken Litchfield

The Truth About the Rapture by Ken Litchfield

Why Be a Catholic Christian Instead of a Orthodox Christian by Ken Litchfield

Why Catholics Wear Scapulars by Ken Litchfield


How Old is Your Church Preview

Questions And Responses From Other Posts On The Web

Since Christ desires true unity among believers… Question and Responses

Response to Protestant Attack On Mary By Leonard Alt

Catholic Responses to Protestant Arguments Against Apocrypha

Q:A- Artificial Contraception From Against The Heresies

QA- Christian or Catholic?

QA Why Does The Church Condemn Artificial Contraception But Not Knee Replacements? By Jean Grey From Against The Heresies

QA- How Does God Not Change? The Mystery Of Eternity From Against The Heresies

QA- How Are The Saints In Heaven Made Aware Of Our Prayers? From Against The Heresies

QA – Will We Be Raised With A Unisex Body? From Against The Heresies

QA Fr. Mitch answers an e-mail question – The Flesh Is Of No Avail – Jn 6-63

List Of Catholic Dogmas

Dogmas of the Catholic Church – Catholic Apologetics