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If You Can't Think, You Can't Be An Atheist or Anything Else

I love this… If God doesn’t exist, you can’t actually believe in thought and, therefore, you can’t use thought and reason to not believe in God.

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HHS Mandate – Religious Freedom Ends Tonight

July 31, 2012 The HHS mandate kicks in at midnight tonight. Unless something big happens in the next 15 hours and 45 minutes, today is the last day of religious freedom in America. The quest for religious freedom is what … Continue reading

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Natural Family Planning Builds a Culture of Life – Denise Hunnel, MD, LifeNews

NFP is not just for controlling family size… Pope Benedict XVI offered an encouraging message to the recent meeting of the Equipes Notre Dame (translation: Teams of Our Lady), a pro-marriage apostolate. The Holy Father invited all Christian married couples … Continue reading

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Journey Home – 2012-07-23 – Former Atheist – Marcus Grodi with Jennifer Fulwiler

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God and Modern Physics – Fr. Robert Spitzer

What Can Science Tell Us About Creation and Design? The Big Bang Theory Evidence For The Standard Big Bang Model Can A Beginning of the Universe Be Proved? What Is The Law of Entropy and How Can It Indicate A … Continue reading

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What Pope Paul VI Predicted…

No further comment needed…

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Some Thoughts On Society And Gay Marriage

Tonight I was reading a post by Jennifer Fulwiler on her blog site ‘A Conversion Diary’.  She was describing a conversation about ‘gay marriage’ she had engaged in with a gay friend. I have been thinking about her post, and … Continue reading

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Archbishop Chaput Closes Fortnight for Freedom With Amazing Homily – via

Here is Archbishop Chaput’s entire homily… Paul Claudel, the French poet and diplomat of the last century, once described the Christian as “a man who knows what he is doing and where he is going in a world [that] no … Continue reading

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Obamacare Mandate Forces EWTN to Pay ‘Fine on Faith’ – Melanie Wilcox, The Foundry

The leading Catholic media organization in the world, Eternal Word Television Network, is prepared to pay a “financial fine on faith” likely to exceed at least $600,000 per year rather than comply with Obamacare’s anti-conscience mandate. EWTN is suing the … Continue reading

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