Apologetics In Meme Form…

A few of these are mine – I have taken most of them from other sites, but there are some great apologetic or inspirational messages in memes. Here are a few…

Biblical Evidence For Catholics.png

What Did The First Christians Believe?

Eucharist, Confession, Infant Baptism, Mary Sinless and ever Virgin, Catholic

Eucharist what did the first Christians believe?

Confession and Infant aptismwhat did the first Christians believe?

Purgatory Sinless Virgin what did the first Christians believe?

Catholic what did the first Christians believe?


Why Catholicism.jpg

Not Just A Symbol

My Lord and my God.jpg

Paradise For Jesus and the Good Thief


What the good thief did.jpg


born again vs Catholic Church

Are You Saved?

the Are You Saved trap

Born Again Means Baptism

Born Again

Jesus and the rich man

Call No Man Father

Your Father In Christ.jpg

1 Call No Man Father.jpg

Brethren of the Lord.jpeg

Anti-Catholic Language and Catholic Theology

I don't understand Catholic Theology.jpg

Faith and Works

works and not faithalone.jpg

Honor Mary

Love Mary.jpg

Did Jesus save His Mother?

did Jesus save His Mother

Mary, Ark Of The Covenant

Mary Ark of the Covenant.jpg

call me blessed.jpg

Arc of the New Covenant.jpg

Why we honor Mary

Perpetual Virginity Of Mary

Perpetual virginity of Mary - UNTIL

Mary The Arc

Manna Inside The Ark Of The Covenant

manna and the Bread of Life.jpg

I created her.jpg

Full of Grace_m.jpg

Chaining Bibles

Chained Bibles.jpg

Papal infallibility

Infalibility vs Impeccability.jpg

Papal infalibility


Feed My Sheep.jpg

God's Punishment?.jpg

Did Jesus save His Mother?

did Jesus save His Mother

If God is for us.jpg

Church History

Christian Timeline.jpg

Where is the Apostles Creed in the Bible?

The Apostles Creed in the Bible.jpg

Did The Catholic Church Change The Ten Commandments?

did Catholics change the 10 commandments?.jpg

typology 1.jpg

Bible, Authority and Tradition


before the Bible came

Hold To The Traditions

Stand firm and hold fast.jpg

The Church Is The Pillar And Foundation Of Truth

Church Authority.jpg

Church of the living God.jpg

Religious Images

religious images.jpg

Jesus 7 last words.jpgHe built a church.jpg

Confirmation and Laying of Hands

confirmation 2.jpg


Born Again/Baptism

Born Again.jpg

Infant Baptism

Infant baptism.jpg

Jesus and Judas

Jesus and Judas 2.jpg

Sola Scriptura

3 problems.jpg

Hail Mary

Hail Mary Biblical.jpg

Full of Grace.jpg


kind of like....jpg

One Bible, One Church, One Teaching and One Doctrine

One True Church.jpg

Compilation of The Bible


Popes, Constantine and The Catholic Church

did Constantine found the Catholic Church.jpg

Ignatius of Antioch - there is the Catholic Church.jpg

Brief history of The Bible

brief history of the Bible.jpg

Church Created Bible.jpg


Saints and the Mass

relationship with Mary.jpg

Isaiah /Pope / Papacy

Isaiah's prophesy of the Papacy.jpg

St. Irenaeus – Papal authority described in 180 AD

St Irenaeus Papal authority described in 180 AD

What's a Bible.jpg

how Christianity started.jpg

Jesus never said.jpg

Even Martin Luther honored Mary…

Martin Luther on Mary.jpg

Luther on Mary.jpg


Old Testament Cannon

how the Old Testament was made.jpg

7 books removed by protestants.jpg

New Testament quotes from deuterocanonical books.jpg

The 7 Sacraments

7 Sacraments.jpg

Sacraments and sacramentals.jpg

Gifts of The Holy Spirit

Gifts of The Holy Spirit.jpg

7 gifts of the Holy Spirit.jpg

Who Founded Your Church?

difference between Catholics and Protestants.jpg

who founded your church.jpg

One Church

because Jesus prayed for it.jpg

Peter as the First Pope

feed my sheep.jpg

Until The End Of The Age – Eucharist

Yes He is

Things Not In The Bible

the world could not contain.jpg

Protestant False Claims Against The Catholic Church in Scripture

false claims of anti-Catholics.jpg

Date of Christ’s Birth

Date of Christ's birth

Heresy – Greater Insight Than Apostles, Disciples and Church Fathers


sins and sinning.jpg

God’s Punishment?

God's punishment?.jpg


religious worship.jpg

(This should read “Three Of The First Four Popes” – Cletus was #3 and Clement was #4)

first three popes.jpg

if you choose to separate yourself from God in this life

Crucifix Reveals Love

the crucifix.jpg

Sin Of Presumption

sin of presumption.jpg


St. Paul Relics.jpg


Archangels names meanings.jpg

Honor Mary

look who honors Mary.jpg

Assumption Of Mary

Assumption of Enoch, Elijah and Mary.jpg

Jewish Kingdom and Christ’s Kingdom


Old Testament kings and their mothers.jpg

The 10 Commandments

10 commandments.jpg

7 Deadly Sins and How To Overcome Them

deadly sins.jpg


what the bells mean.jpg

I Am .jpg

Catholic Religious Images/Idols?

Catholic images.jpg

Jesus in early catecomb.jpg

Who Made The Bible?

who made the Bible.jpg

From scborromeo.org : Church History

History Of The Catholic Church - Diagram.jpg

Cultivating Our Faith… The reason so many lose their faith is that they stop learning about it at some point – maybe after Confirmation? We should all actively learn something new about or faith every day. Keep growing.. There is no such thing as staying the same – if you’re not moving forward, you are moving backward. Keep moving forward…

Old Ark and New Ark – Mary

Old Ark and New Ark.jpg

No Church, No Bible

no Church, no Bible

The Hail Mary In The Bible

Hail Mary in the Bible

The Bible In The Rosary

Biblein the Rosary.jpeg

Origin Of The Catholic Church

origin of the Catholic Church.jpg

All Have Sinned? – Mary

all have sinned.jpg

“Descended Into Hell”

descended to hell.jpg

List Of Popes

rock solid.jpg

Development Of Christian Worship

Developmentof Christian worship.jpg

Are Catholics Christians?

Catholic Christians.jpg

Why Do Catholics Cross Their Foreheads, Lips and Hearts At The Gospel?

Signs of the Gospel Cross.jpg


misconceptions about purgatory

Catholic Basics a.jpg

Early Protestants and Mary



Upon This Rock

Upon this rock.jpeg

St. Padre Pio on Enemy Assaults

One Good Confession


The New Testament is hidden in the Old and the Old Testament is revealed in the New… Typology… Mary Ark Of The Covenant

Priests Ark Fire

INRI – What does that mean???


What are “Liturgical” colors and what do they mean?

liturgical colors.jpg

Redemptive suffering…


How we are saved…

are you saved?.jpg

Once Saved Always Saved?

if you can't loose your salvation.jpg

How are we saved


Saved already

the will of My Father.jpg

House of Bread…

house of bread

Symbolically?… Eucharist


What we worship at Mass

Condemn the Rosary?

Cannot condemn the Rosary

There is only one Mass, and it’s always and it’s everywhere…

One Mass

The Precepts of the Church…

Precepts of the Church


The Catholic faith and History are not mutually exclusive. You really can’t understand one without the other…


Eucharist – What The Early Christians Believed – The Real Presence


Pretty good illustration of the history of the Church and who started what when… And who has been consistent throughout history…

The Conglomination

Why we have beautiful Cathedrals and churches – it’s not what you think…

This is why we have cathedrals

The proof of the love of Jesus…

Proof of the love of Jesus

Where can you find the Sacrament of Confirmation in scripture?

confirmation in scripture



Truly, truly… The Eucharist IS Jesus

truly truly

Deadly Sins and Heavenly Virtues

overcome sin

Mass In 155 A.D.




different classes of unbelievers.jpeg

Spiritual Value Of Confession/Reconciliation 

spiritual value of confession.jpg

Works Of Mercy

works of mercy.jpg

proud to be Catholic.jpg

The Church in Africa.jpg

8% betrayal.jpg

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