The Journey Home – Marcus Grodi Interviews Converts and Reverts

One of the great shows on EWTN featuring converts, as well as reverts, to the Catholic Faith. People from all backgrounds, faith traditions and even atheists telling the stories of what finally brought them to the Catholic Church.

Let the journeys begin… 

09/16/19 Noel Culbertson

Former Southern Baptist Noel Culbertson tells how she found herself on the path to the Catholic Church. Hosted by Marcus Grodi.

I can’t leave it at that… This is an amazing, powerful, inspiring testament. All of these stories are inspiring, but this one really landed with me.

08/26/19 Dr. Abigail Favale

Former Evangelical and Agnostic Dr. Abigail Favale shares how she came into the Church after a decade of postmodern feminism and agnosticism.

Journey Home – 09-12-2011 – revert – Marcus Grodi with Dr. Ray Guarendi

The Journey Home 5-2-12 – Judy Hehr – Revert

Teresa Beem: A Seventy-day Adventist Who Became Catholic – The Journey Home (10-20-2008)

Marcus Grodi: Ten Verses I Never Saw – The Journey Home (7-31-2006)

In this special episode of the Journey Home, Marcus talks about 10 verses of Holy Scripture he never saw when he was a Protestant. Marcus was reared Lutheran but, while in college, accepted Christ in a Charismatic Congregational church. After attending Gordon-Conwell seminary he was ordained a Congregational minister. Seeking doctrinal authority he became a Presbyterian minister. Still frustrated with his inability to know for certain whether what he preached was the Truth, a “chance” meeting with an old seminary classmate, Scott Hahn, started him on the road Home to the Catholic Church.

The Journey Home – 2012-11-26 – Leah Darrow – Revert/ Former contestant on ANTM


JOURNEY HOME – 2016-01-26 – Michael Goodwin

Journey Home – 2015-10-19 – Joey Duke

Former Church of Christ Member Joey Duke explains what lead him home to the Catholic Church.

The Journey Home – Patrick Coffin

Patrick Madrid: Life-long Catholic – The Journey Home Program

Journey Home – Former Episcopal Clergy – Taylor Marshall

Marcus Grodi: The Early Church Fathers I Never Saw – The Journey Home (3-19-2007)

In this special episode of the Journey Home, Marcus shares his discoveries in the writings of the Early Church Fathers he never saw when he was a Protestant. He talks about such writers as: St. Clement of Rome, St. Ignatius of Antioch, St. Irenaeus, St. Justin Martyr, St. Cyprian of Carthage, St. Ambrose of Milan and St. Augustine of Hippo.

The Journey Home – Jason Stellman – Former Presbyterian minister

Conversion Story of Matthew Leonard – former Evangelical/Methodist

Journey Home – 2017-11-20 – Nadia Mitchell

Nadia Mitchell, formerly a member of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, discusses her journey toward the Catholic faith. Hosted by Marcus Grodi.


Dr. John Bergsma: A Reformed Minister Who Became A Catholic – The Journey Home

Thomas Smith: Former Mormon Missionary – The Journey Home Program

Marcus Grodi: The Beatitudes I Never Saw – The Journey Home (10-6-2008)

In this special episode of the Journey Home, Marcus talks about the Beatitudes taught by our Lord Jesus Christ in his Sermon on the Mount. The Beatitudes may be found in the Holy Scriptures in the Gospel of St. Matthew 5:3-12.

Kristine Franklin: Former Non-Denominational Missionary – The Journey Home Program

The Journey Home – Abby Johnson – Former Baptist and Planned Parenthood Director

Tim Staples: Former Assemblies of God Youth Minister – The Journey Home Program

Journey Home Former Evangelical – Marcus Grodi with Brandon Vogt

Dr. Francis Beckwith: An Evangelical Now Catholic – The Journey Home

Jeff Cavins: Former Non-denominational Minister – The Journey Home Program

Journey Home – Kevin Vost

Dr. Kenneth Howell, Former Presbyterian Minister – The Journey Home Program

Jimmy Akin: A Presbyterian Who Became a Catholic Apologist – The Journey Home

The Journey Home – David Currie – Former Baptist

Dr. John Bergsma: A Reformed Minister Who Became A Catholic – The Journey Home


The Journey Home -Devin Rose – Former Baptist & atheist


Journey Home – CHN Deep in History Conference,  Marcus Grodi


Journey Home – Open Line – Marcus Grodi with Dr. Scott Hahn and Kimberly Hahn

Journey Home – Former Prot. Minister – Marcus with Dcn Alex Jones

Journey Home – Former Atheist – Marcus Grodi with Jennifer Fulwiler


Holly Ordway was an atheist turned Episcopalian turned Catholic. Great story on why atheism failed her.

Marilyn Grodi, Lee South & Dale Sibley: Ministers Wives – The Journey Home Program

In this special episode of the Journey Home, Marcus discusses the impact of the journey of Protestant ministers to the Catholic Church on their wives. The guests this evening are Marilyn Grodi, wife of Marcus Grodi a former Presbyterian minister, Lee South, wife of Ned South a former Episcopal Priest, and Dale Sibley, wife of Gordon Sibley a former United Methodist minister. They talk about the ways God guided them on their different and varied paths.


The Journey Home – Marcus Grodi w/ Scott Sullivan

Sullivan was also agnostic for many years, until he came across a book by Dr. Peter Kreeft…

Former Evangelical Scott Sullivan discusses his conversion to Catholicism with Host Marcus Grodi.


Marcus Grodi: The Early Church Fathers I Never Saw – The Journey Home (3-19-2007)

John Davis: Former Jehovah’s Witness – The Journey Home Program

Patty Bonds: Baptist Who Became Catholic – The Journey Home Program

Patty was born and raised in a staunchly Baptist family. Her father was the pastor. When she was six years old she asked Jesus to be her Lord and Savior. She continued to follow the Lord throughout her life coming into an even deeper relationship with God in the mid-90’s, when he called her to forgive those who had hurt her. Her Baptist congregation was a very narrow Calvinist group, believing that they were the chosen remnant. She was taught that the Catholic Church was the Whore of Babylon and the Pope would be the Antichrist. Her journey to the Catholic Church began through Patty’s and her daughter’s rediscovery of their Irish and Scottish heritage. Reading the “Confessions of St. Patrick” opened her eyes to the fact that Catholics could be Christians who love the Lord Jesus Christ. She discovered, upon reading what the Church actually taught, that she had been brought up with a false and distorted view of the Catholic Church. Patty is the sister of a well-known anti-Catholic apologist.

Jehova’s Witness Roundtable – The Journey Home

In this special Jehovah’s Witness Roundtable episode of the Journey Home, Marcus discusses, with two former Jehovah’s Witnesses, Dr. Jeff Schwehm and John Davis, as well as Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ, the unique doctrines of this group and how Catholic Christians can respond to them in truth and love.


John Pridmore: A Gangster Who Became Catholic – The Journey Home

John was baptized but never catechized in the faith as a child. Later in life he turned to the power and wealth of the underworld for satisfaction in life. His discusses with Marcus how God spoke to him in his life and brought about his surrender to the Holy Spirit and Christ’s Church.

Fr. Hugh Thwaites, SJ: An Anglican Who Became a Catholic – The Journey Home

This is another great conversion story. If you have never seen “The Journey Home” on EWTN, it’s well worth a look see.

Father Thwaites describes his journey from being a Christian Scientist to the Church of England and his eventual entry into the Catholic Church. Father Thwaites spent three years in a Japanese POW camp during World War II. Nine years after this broadcast Father went to his eternal reward on August 21, 2012 at the age of 95.

The book Fr. Thwaites talks about is “One Lord, One Faith” by Vernon Johnson.

The Journey Home – Marcus Grodi w Jamie and Jack McAleer – Former Lutheran and revert


Natalie Smith: A Pentecostal Who Became A Catholic – The Journey Home

Natalie was baptized a Catholic but her mother left the Church soon after Natalie’s first communion. She endured much abuse and violence in he home as a child and into her adult life. When she was 18, she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior, eventually becoming a faithful Pentecostal. Natalie’s journey back to the Catholic Church began when her sister wanted to get a divorce. Natalie didn’t know whether or not to pray for reconciliation or that her sister find a new husband. Her research into the matter brought her to a discovery of the Church Father leading her Home.

The Journey Home/No Turning Back: Fr. Donald Calloway

Marcus Talks with former Episcopalian Fr. Donald Calloway, former hippie and criminal…

Then he met Mary and through her, Jesus…


“If you have people like Fr Don Calloway coming to talk at these conventions they will never end – he is just fantastic!” This was the reaction of a person of the Baptist Christian Denomination who came to hear Father Calloway talk about his conversion to the Catholic Faith and his eventual ordination to the priesthood. Learn all about it by watching this video


Journey Home/Convert from Judaism – Marcus Grodi with Debbie Herbeck

The Journey Home/Kelly Nieto – Former Atheist / New Age


The Journey Home/Charlie McKinney – Former Southern Baptist

The Journey Home – NIKKI AND JASON WORKMASTER – 2014-02-10 – Former Baptist & Evangelical

Fr. Richard Ho Lung, M.O.P. : Former Buddhist – The Journey Home Program

Ken Henderson: A Convert From Addiction to Pornography – The Journey Home

Fr. John Bartunek: A Former Atheist Who Became A Catholic Priest – The Journey Home