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Dr. Brant Pitre Blows Your Mind on Mary

Matthew Leonard and Dr. Brant Pitre delve into some amazing insights into Catholic theology about Mary, focusing particularly on the Old Testament. This will absolutely transform your view of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  

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Can You Do Me A Favor?

“Why do you Catholics worship Mary?” “We don’t ‘worship’ Mary. We HONOR Mary. And no matter how much we honor Mary, we cannot ever honor her as much as God honored her by making her His mother.” “That’s ridiculous! Mary … Continue reading

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Mary and the Church

Jesus is without sin. As such, He obeys all of the Ten Commandments perfectly. To obey all of the commandments perfectly, He honors His Father and mother perfectly. Mary is the Mother of Jesus. Jesus loved and honored Mary perfectly. … Continue reading

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Does The Catholic Church Honor Mary Too Much?

“Sometimes the Catholic Church is criticized, ‘She honors Mary too much,’ but the Catholic Church will never honor Mary as much as Jesus honored her, as much as God the Father honored her by making her the Mother of His … Continue reading

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