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No, Religious People Are Not Illogical

Does logic belong only to atheists? Does ice cream have bones?   http://classicaltheist.s3.amazonaws.com/HOwToDebunkTheMythThatReligiousPeopleAreIllogical.mp3 Click here to read the post from Dr. Scott M. Sullivan… Advertisements

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History of the Knights of Columbus – Bet you didn't know this…

I am a member of the K of C (in fact, I am the current Grand Knight of our council). I never knew ANY of this until recently! Sadly, out of ignorance, many people slam the Knights of Columbus as … Continue reading

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Oppressive Governments vs The Catholic Church

The stated goal of many of the groups aligned against the Catholic Church and her teachings is its total and complete demise. That has been the aim of many throughout the 2,000 + year history of the Church. Hasn’t happened. … Continue reading

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Crusades – A Brief History

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Dr. Scott Hahn talks about the Early Church and the Eucharist

Dr. Hahn talks about his new book Consuming the Word and takes questions from viewers about the New Testament, the Early Church and the Eucharist.  

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History of the Bible and the Catholic Church

Can the Church exist without the Bible? Can the Bible exist without the Church? Where did the Church come from? Where did the Bible come from? Did the Catholic Church add books to the Bible? Did the first Christians read … Continue reading

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