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For those who don’t believe anything that science cannot prove: Science cannot prove that there is no God. Does this mean that you cannot be an atheist? I would think that the closest you can come to atheism is agnostic… … Continue reading

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What Is An Atheist vs An Agnostic?

I was in a discussion about God the other day with a young person who considers himself and atheist. Early on in the discussion he stated that he didn’t know if God exists, but conceded that He might. At the … Continue reading

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No, Religious People Are Not Illogical

Does logic belong only to atheists? Does ice cream have bones?   http://classicaltheist.s3.amazonaws.com/HOwToDebunkTheMythThatReligiousPeopleAreIllogical.mp3 Click here to read the post from Dr. Scott M. Sullivan…

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Journey Home – 2015-06-01 – Holly Ordway

Holly Ordway was an atheist turned Episcopalian turned Catholic. Great story on why atheism failed her.

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God's Brush, Paint and Canvas; Hammer, Chisel and Stone…

I was recently involved in an exchange with the friend of a friend, an atheist. He’s a good guy, and I have enjoyed going back and forth with him. At one point during our back and forth, he stated that … Continue reading

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If You Can't Think, You Can't Be An Atheist or Anything Else

I love this… If God doesn’t exist, you can’t actually believe in thought and, therefore, you can’t use thought and reason to not believe in God.

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