The Cross

Some people blame the Romans for the crucifixion. Some people blame the Jews. Some people blame the Sanhedrin. 

Some people probably blame bad timing or bad luck, or prejudice.

In one sense, they are right – but only partially so. The blame includes all  of those people, but placing the blame on one or all of those groups misses a spot.


And you.

Jesus could have avoided all of the Sorrowful Mysteries of The Rosary any time He wanted to. But He chose not to. 



He loves each and every one of us enough to suffer, die and rise again in order to reconnect us to The Father. And He did it in such a way that I cannot miss His intention.

And neither can you, if you are willing to open your eyes and see, open your ears and hear.

We have no way, no hope of salvation unless we allow Him to carry us across the chasm that exists between us and God The Father.

And that is what He was doing…

we are the cross.jpg


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