Solemn Promises…

Promises, solemn or otherwise, are meant to be kept. A Solemn promise is the same as a vow. A vow is what you took at your wedding. You promised to remain faithful to your spouse until death do you part. To fail to do so can only lead to serious problems. Either in this life or the next. Or both. 

To swear an oath is the same as a vow. If you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in a court of law, and then tell a lie, you can go to jail. And there are spiritual consequences, too. You swore that oath and ended it with “So help me God”. You were also making that promise to God and asking for His help in keeping it.

In Christian faith, a sworn oath, vow or solemn  promise has spiritual consequences. Break it and face serious consequences, either in this life or the next. Or both. 

When you decide to baptize your new child, you decide to make a solemn promise – a vow – to raise your child in the faith. You are swearing to do that. So help you God. 

Think of it as the same as your marriage vow – it is just as important. Would you break you marriage vows? If so, how does that affect your relationship with your spouse? And with God?

Many parents will baptize their children just because that’s what their parents did for them or it’s the “cool” thing to do. 

Except that it’s NOT cool to do that. 

If you are not serious about keeping that promise, don’t baptize your child. To do so does the child no favors, and you will have broken a very serious vow. 

And breaking that vow will lead to serious consequences, either in this life or the next. Or both…



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