The Reason Christianity is Dying in the West?

Is being Catholic too easy? Have we “eased” people out of the practice of the faith? Instead of “carrying our crosses”, are we throwing them into the trunk of the car and toting them around that way – removing all of the effort of supporting them? Have we simply forgotten them and just left them at home – or in the pews?

I don’t know, for sure, but it makes sense to me. And Brian Holdsworth makes some very good points in this short video.

Maybe you will agree…


For example, in Canada, we used to be expected to attend mass on feast days of the liturgical calendar but they’ve since just moved those all over to the nearest Sunday. Many churches don’t even have kneelers any more because, I don’t know, we don’t want to be uncomfortable? Pro tip, that was the entire point of having kneelers. And instead of fasting during Lent, we’re often encouraged to just do something nice for somebody. I can understand the instinct for doing this. I think well intentioned pastors believed that aspects of the faith were too difficult for the faithful and so if we compromise and accommodate, we’ll retain members but what they essentially did, was reduced the cost of what it means to be a Christian.


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2 Responses to The Reason Christianity is Dying in the West?

  1. Bill Kammerer says:

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    Jesus didn’t have it easy. He warned us that WE wouldn’t have it easy. Are we just trying to prove Jesus wrong?


  2. SR says:

    Hey Bill,

    Thanks for sharing video. I seldom have time to watch them but for some reason I wanted to watch this one. “Are we trying to prove Jesus wrong?”

    I do not think it is so much that Bill, though it may be. Just want to give some food for thought here. I came into the Church via Vatican 11. So as far as me personally I have nothing to compare anything to but…..

    I have a lot of friends who grew up in the Church under Vatican 1. The difference between those Catholics and Vatican 11 Catholics is to me the difference between a grain of sand and a mountain.

    Vatican 1 Catholics I find few who like Vatican 11. They are also so devoted to Jesus, the Church, prayer, Holy Days of obligation, etc….The Eucharist is the most important thing in their lives.

    I also find they get to Church at least 30 minutes to an hour earlier. They do this to spend time with our Lord, pray the Rosary, Chaplet of Divine Mercy, etc… Confession is something else to me, they seem so faithful to.

    They work hard in and for the Church. The women, their dress is far more modest then those who came up under Vatican 11.

    I walk into their homes, and it is no doubt that they are a Catholic. Prayer cards, Rosaries, pictures and statues of Jesus, a saint or two, and the Blessed Mother.

    There is such a difference to me, and the Vatican 11 people, including myself. Vatican 11 people to me are much more laid back, some in my Church as far as their dress look as if they have just come from the lake. (I know they have better, as I live in a very small town and I know almost everyone.) A lot of them do not bow their heads when prayer is being offered. There is no prayer after receiving the Eucharist and I never see a Vatican 1 person not pray after that!!!!

    Many Vatican 11 people walk out the door right after receiving our Lord. Mass is not even over.

    The commitment and the devotion to Christ and the Church, is just not there with many Vatican 11, members. If it is, it is surely not like those in Vatican 1.

    I also believe the Church has gotten so caught up in “education” that they are losing the spiritual side of it. I know sometimes after Mass, we will have 15 minutes of announcements, classes starting, what a job requires of one in the Church, etc…. Usually when all of this starts I do leave. I mean, pick another night!

    To me it is like, “Okay, you have received Jesus now let me tell you about being an usher.” All of this is in the bulletin anyways. As soon as He is placed back in the Tabernacle all of this begins.

    I believe we need a little time to contemplate what we have just been given.

    Everything I have read about those under Vatican 1 and watched, it is such a difference to me, from what it is today.

    The Church is so concerned about “entertaining our youth,” that they are missing giving them the most important thing of all, and that is love for Christ. I mean St. Maria Goretti I am sure did not need guitars and tambourines when she was stabbed over and over, and died! She forgave the one who murdered her, so he could be in heaven with her. She was just a young girl.

    I feel as if this is one of the biggest problems in the Church today. They are grafting many ways towards being a Protestant, and the cost is becoming great, as far as being a Catholic. Just my thoughts. God Bless, SR

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