How Can We Recognize The Devil’s Tricks?

The devil could not persuade many people to follow him to Hell by coming right out and saying “yeah, that’s the wrong thing to do and if you do this, you’re going to suffer in Hell forever and ever and ever. And you’re not getting out. Ever. (Refer to earlier post The Hatred Of Hell“.)

So, if he can’t tell us the truth about what he is trying to get us to do, how does he convince us to destroy ourselves?

The obvious answer to that is “he lies to us.” But how does he do that, exactly?

Well, he uses lots of tricks to make us think reality is something other than what it really is. Among those tricks are Relativism, Indifferentism, Eclecticism, Sentimentalism, Utilitarianism, Incrementalism, Materialism (not what you’re thinking), Scientism, Situational Ethics, and Universalism.

Once you understand what these things are and how they work against you, you can recognize and avoid these pitfalls. 

Of course, tragically, some folks will choose to pooh pooh the information and continue to embrace the lies, believing that God won’t allow anybody to go to Hell, or that Hell doesn’t exist.)

I am reminded of what St. Padre Pio said when someone told him that they didn’t believe in Hell. He responded, “you will when you get there.”

To learn about these ten tricks of the devil, click on this link to go to ChurchPop…


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