Lord, Do I Give Others the Fruit of My Sin?

A great way to finish up the day and to keep me on track… Thank you SR for posting this… BK

Be Strong and Very Courageous

Lord, as I do an examination of my conscience at night, do I find in myself sin and having caused someone else to sin?

Have I lead someone into a conversation of gossip?

Have I set examples to others because of my indifference to their needs and sufferings?

Have I worshiped the idol’s of my own desires in front of others, that I taught them selfishness is okay?

Have I paid back evil for evil to others, making them think, that is how we are supposed to live our lives with one another?

Have I failed to be patient with someone, teaching them when we are busy, we are busy.  The needs of ourselves should always come first?

Have I practiced anger and agitation towards others?  Showing them the love and kindness You taught us, is not what they should be giving?

Am I at times the devil in the Garden…

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