I Am With You Always Even Unto The Close Of The Age – Mt 28:20

The Catholic Church…

For 2000 years we have endured hostility, persecution, schism and sin. Kings, nations, armies, sects and hoards have tried to bring us down.

And yet we are still here.

We have been accused of idolatry, Satan worship, cannibalism and a hundred other horrible things.

But we are still here.

We have had bad popes, bishops, clergy and religious. There have been Catholics who were murderers, adulterers, fornicators and committers of every other brand of sin and corruption. Any other organization with so much ‘bad’ attributed to it would have been gone centuries ago.

And we are still here.

That, in and of itself, would be enough to convince me that the Catholic Church is the one true church instituted by Christ.

He said that “the gates of hell will not prevail against it” (Mt 16:18). He said it and He meant it. And I believe it. Not to believe it would be to say the Jesus was wrong, that He made a mistake or that He lied.

Jesus was never wrong. Jesus never made a mistake. Jesus never lied. To say that He ever did any of these things is to say that He is not God. A true Christian will not and cannot do that.

Jesus is God, and God does not waver. Ever. God is perfect. Absolutely.

The Catholic Church is the Body of Christ on Earth. She has not ever changed, and never will change, doctrine. People who think that The Church will change her teaching on matters of faith and morals do not understand the Catholic Church. And a denomination which changes its teaching on such matters does not understand God and, therefor, Christ and Christianity.

The Catholic Church is not a church of convenience. It can be quite inconvenient to be a Catholic. When someone leaves the Catholic Church, it is often a departure of convenience. They don’t like this teaching or that teaching or the Mass or because somebody made them mad. It doesn’t fit their idea of what Christianity should be, and their idea of Christianity is that it should conform to their own thoughts, lifestyle, tastes or wishes.

God is not here to cater to our whims. We are here to serve Him. And serving God is not often convenient. It requires love and love requires sacrifice. To expect God to go along with our ideas of truth is the opposite of love – it is selfishness and the refusal to accept sacrifice. It puts the focus on us rather than on Him.

God will not be bent to our desires, we must embrace His.

God doesn’t need us – we need Him.

And because the Catholic Church is not in it for itself, she will continue to maintain her doctrines and dogmas. The number of faithful may shrink. She may become more persecuted. She may even disappear from some places.

But she will continue to exist on Earth until the close of the age, and she will do it while not changing her teachings.


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14 Responses to I Am With You Always Even Unto The Close Of The Age – Mt 28:20

  1. (Redacted for lack of support. BK)
    You even classify Mormons as being Christian, when they are not.
    (No such classification was made. BK)

    (Redacted for lack of support BK)
    (Redacted for lack of support. BK)
    I think you actually need to get yourself a bible.[ If you can find one ]
    (I have several. One sits right here next to me as a matter of fact, as well as books on history. History that goes all the way back to the time of the apostles. BK)

    Thank you for your comments.

    God bless you.


  2. I knew that you would delete my comment.
    You cannot handle the truth you Hypocrite.


  3. SR says:

    I had a feeling SC you were the “one,” Bill was speaking about. Still at it I see. God help you and God help us, is all I can say. God Bless, SR

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  4. SR says:

    By the way Bill, I liked this post. Sorry. God Bless, SR

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