Pope Francis: A Eucharistic Miracle in Argentina

More on the Eucharistic miracle of Buenos Aires… Note that the samples from Buenos Aires in 1996 and Lanciano in the EIGHTH century are from the same person…

The Catholic Pilgrim

Eucharistic Miracle

I noticed a video on a recent Eucharistic Miracle going the rounds online.  As I had visited a number of Eucharistic Miracle sites in the past, I normally would have watched it later.  However I don’t know why I chose to view it and as I continued to listen to the speaker I got more interested simply because of how it was presented including the tests done and the discoveries.

This is one reason that I followed my late dad of not receiving communion by hand unless the priest instructed us too.  This is simply the body of Christ that I just cannot imagine holding with my hand.  It is too sacred to do such.  I then searched the web to fully understand the background of this new Eucharistic Miracle.

Below is a brief background of this miracle from the Love one Another magazine,  which occurred in Buenos Aires…

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