Politics and Mortality

I’m not as young as I used to be. (That’s not to say that I am not as handsome as I used to be – just not as young :-)) I’m still quite a ways from hitting the average age of mortality, but I have lots of friends and family who haven’t lived to where I am now.

I don’t over-dwell on this, but I do use this knowledge when formulating the ways in which I try to live my life. I know there is a lot more out there after my tenure on Earth ends, and I attempt to keep that in mind when making moral decisions. I would strongly prefer that my “lot more out there” be better than my “here and now”, and I also pray the same for my family, friends, and, indeed, all people everywhere.

That’s not to say that I don’t fail – I do. Every day. I have my struggles just like you do. Just like everyone does.

I’ve been thinking about this lately, relative to the current election cycle. This is not a political blog or post, but it is inspired by some of our nation’s politicians.

I’ve been considering how some of our political figures profess to be practicing Catholics or other denomination Christians.

I’ve been thinking about how many of them are personally opposed to things like abortion, but don’t want to put their personal “beliefs” into practice in their political office.

I’ve been thinking about some of those who, somehow, incorporate their political standing into their “Christianity” and not give a second thought to the morality of their actions, or, worse, change their original basic “Christian” beliefs for the sake of political expediency. After all, isn’t a church supposed to be based upon, and teach, truth? And shouldn’t a Christian strive to live that truth? And does truth change? (No, truth does not change – it’s always true.)

Somehow, people have gotten the idea that God will be merciful to us no matter what we do or how we live. It’s true that God IS ALL MERCIFUL. However, it seems that many people today have forgotten the other half of the equation – mercy requires repentance. Without repentance, we cannot accept God’s mercy. And repentance is more than an “I’m sorry”, it’s a firm “I have changed”. 

And I have been thinking about those of us who are not “practicing” politicians, but voters who support those politicians. Many of us are “practicing” Catholics or other denomination Christians. And many support those politicians who have decided that, in reality, their faith is not in Christ, but in the number of people who they can convince to vote for them. And that support is often given based on a capital letter in front of the name of the candidate.

We have a limited time on Earth and we don’t seem to realize it. We live our lives each day and really don’t know if we’ll wake up tomorrow. We put off doing the things we should do, we do things we shouldn’t do, and really don’t give a second thought to “what if it all ends today?”. If we are fortunate, we are here for seventy-five or eighty or ninety years and that’s about it. 

What’s sad to me is that a lot of these people are a lot closer to death than they realize. The are not spring chickens any more. Some of them are in their late sixty’s and seventy’s. How much time do they have left? Indeed, how much time do any of us have left, no matter what age?

As human beings, we are all headed towards death at breakneck speed and most of us think that we are immune to it, that it won’t happen to us. Well, probably most of those who die today got up thinking the same thing.

We are not immune. The question is not “if” but “when”.

That’s a question most of us have no answer for.



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