Pope Francis On The Eucharist

A friend once told me that there are three reasons that he is Catholic: “Eucharist, Eucharist and Eucharist.” While there are all sorts of reasons to be Catholic, I think they all stem from, and can be traced back to, the three mentioned by my friend. 

Pope Francis, while speaking on the importance of attending Mass during the Angelus, made several comments on the Eucharist (shown below). The one that captured my attention most pretty much sums it up for me.

“Jesus left us the Eucharist with a precise objective: That we can become one with Him.”


Sometimes, about Mass, we hear this objection: ‘ What is the purpose of Mass? I go to Church when I feel like it, and I pray better alone.’ But the Eucharist is not a private prayer or a beautiful spiritual experience. It is not only a commemoration of what Jesus did at the Last Supper. We say, to understand, that the Eucharist is the ‘memorial’.

The Eucharist is Jesus giving Himself.

Jesus left us the Eucharist with a precise objective: That we can become one with Him.

We nourish ourselves with Him and remain in Him through the Eucharistic Communion. If we do it with faith, it transforms our life. It transforms it into a gift to God and a gift to our brothers.

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