Two Kinds Of Prayers In Front Of Abortion Clinics

This morning I had the blessing of praying the Rosary in front of an abortion clinic – all 20 decades. I do this with the Knights of Columbus each month, along with some other dedicated Pro Life Catholics from other parishes within shouting distance of my home town. Today there were four of us in attendance.

After a few decades of the Sorrowful Mysteries, a second group of people showed up and took their usual place a few yards closer to the clinic entrance. This group is made up of, mostly, Hispanic women, though they were joined by a couple of men a short time after the ladies had begun to pray their rosary.  The women ranged in age from young to not so young. They were inspiring. They were beautiful to behold. 

And they were saving lives.

After awhile, a young woman showed up and stood with their group. Smiling, she approached one of the ‘not quite as young’ ladies and was warmly greeted. This was a special moment – special because the young woman was not alone. She was carrying a child who appeared to be a few months old. Her baby.

What was most beautiful about this young woman was the joy that emitted, not just from her face but, from her entire demeanor. It was clear that she was in love with her child.

The woman who had greeted her so warmly later came over to our little group of guys and told us about the young woman and her baby.

A few months ago, she had been walking toward the entrance to the clinic with the intention of terminating her pregnancy. She stopped to talk to some of the women praying the Rosary in the public area in front of the entrance. She subsequently changed direction…

Today, she returned to the clinic with her baby, and joined the other women in their prayers…

The love that she received from the women in that prayer group was enough to change her mind about what she was about to do. Love that can only come from God. Love that manifests itself through prayer, compassion and truth. 

God works through people like that.

Contrast this with another group of people praying outside an abortion clinic, Preterm, in Cleveland Ohio last October. This particular group included several pastors and anti-life folks, and was led by United Methodist Church pastor, Rev. Laura Young. 

In this prayer service, God’s blessings were called down upon the abortion clinic, it’s employees and it’s clientele.

Yes, that’s right – “Christian” pastors were calling on God to bless and protect the act of killing unborn children.

Here’s a sample from the article linked above (and below):

Young accused pro-life advocates of judgment and hate. The self-proclaimed “progressive religious leader,” said she hopes her “blessing” will protect Preterm from “preachy protesters, as well as encourage the strength and bravery of those providing and relying on its services.”

This is substantially different from what one would expect from a group praying in front of an abortion clinic. These people are asking God to look with favor on their mission of destruction of human life. God is THE AUTHOR of life – you really can’t ask him to look favorably upon you destroying it.

Satanists look upon abortion as a sacrament. These pastors seem to agree.

One wonders, to whom are these folks praying? I don’t think we worship the same God.

Keep them in your prayers – they really need them.



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