Biblical Evidence for Mary Mediatrix

Dave  Armstrong is a convert to Catholicism from an Evangelical background. He, as do many converts from Evangelical Protestantism, had many concerns about Catholic devotion to Mary. After years of studying, he came to an understanding of the significance of Mary’s part in God’s plan for  salvation.

Here, he responds to a question from someone considering conversion to the Catholic Church, regarding a prayer recited by Pope Benedict XVI.

This is especially difficult when the comments are from Pope Benedict XVI: “We implore you to have pity today on the nations that have gone astray, on all Europe, on the whole world, that they might repent and return to your heart.” It almost seems to undermine the whole persuasive argument for the fullness of truth being found in the Catholic Church. This is a huge stumbling block to me and the last few days has felt like a complete roadblock on the journey I’ve been on back towards the Catholic faith. I know this may sound angry, but I need some good answers & honesty without someone dancing around this issue with words. Thanks.

Read Dave’s great (and very informative) response here…

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