"…Through The Virgin Mary"

Just a quick thought that comes to my mind…

We are all accustomed to thinking of Mary as Jesus’ mother and no Christian will argue that she was chosen by God to bear His Son. But what does that entail? Did her ‘blessedness’ stop at Jesus’ birth?

God blesses all mothers with their children, and He blesses all children with their mothers. And fathers are blessed with both their wives and their children. 

In a perfect world, an earthly father has a special caring for his wife and children. He may love all children, but he loves his own in a special way. He may love other women (with REAL, pure love), but he has a special love for his wife.

He chose his wife to be the mother of his children and, therefor, it is  his wife he trusts to love and care for his children, and she occupies a very special place in his heart.  He may not be perfect, but he does this as best he can.

God IS perfect and his love for the mother of His child is perfect. And to Him, Mary is special.

If Mary is special to God, why should she not be special to us?

The following quote should give us something to ponder. What an amazing observation…


How did God the Father love and care for the Incarnate Son while he was on earth? Through the Virgin Mary. (I mean really can’t you just meditate on that for days and days?) – Mary Kochan

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