Eucharistic miracle of Buenos Aires

This short video recounts the story of the amazing Eucharistic Miracle that happened in Argentina in 1996 in the Parish of St. Mary. For many Christians, Holy Communion is a symbolic ritual, but Catholics believe it is in fact His divine body and blood. This sounds absolutely nuts, but it’s a matter of faith.

… And of scientific evidence…

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3 Responses to Eucharistic miracle of Buenos Aires

  1. Doreen Berlinguette says:

    Hello: I have just spent 2 beautiful hours with you, relearning about who I am as a Catholic and what a beautiful faith we have. I received Holy Communion at a funeral yesterday and where Jesus is usually so sweet and present, He did not taste sweet at all, in fact, somewhat bitter. I have asked Him how come this happened. At this time, I can only guess that it is because I received Him still carrying bitterness in my heart because of a situation I experienced with my Supervisor earlier in the day. I may have also been judging people in the Church who did not believe in the teachings of the Catholic Church and did not want to be there. Others stood outside the open door laughing and talking and did not come in to be apart of this young woman entering into Jesus’ kingdom.

    I am truly blessed that the Catholic Me was the first email when I checked out my messages tonight. I have much to pray about in the next while and know that Jesus has much more work for me to do. Pray for me to discern what He wants of me because I tend to be very unfocused at times and have lost many opportunities for holiness because of this.

    Thank you for a beautiful and holy evening. God bless. Doreen Berlinguette


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