Top 10 Excuses For Not Going To Mass…

Jennifer Schlameuss-Perry has come up with a list of why people say they don’t go to church. She has also come up with some pretty good responses to those ‘reasons’. 

Hmmm.. I think she hit all of the ones I have ever heard… I have even used one or two of them myself, many decades ago. 

As a Pastoral Associate in a Catholic Parish, I have heard it all. People find ways to justify their lack of Mass attendance and believe (momentarily) that their justification will convince the pastoral staff of their correctness. Here are my refutations of these excuses—meant not to isolate further or hurt the feelings of those who don’t go to Mass, but as a playful invitation to reconsider and come back to the family that misses them.

1: I Work 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week

First of all, I’m pretty sure that’s illegal—there are labor laws. Do you want me to help find you a lawyer? Also, that’s not what your Facebook page says. Americans are super busy—we fill our time with all sorts of things. It does feel like we’re working all the time—believe me, I’m right there with you. My job takes me out week days, evenings and Sundays. Plus, my email, text and Facebook are on my phone, so I’m frequently doing “business” in my free time, too. That’s not good. We all need to take a break. But, God should be part of that break, not what we’re taking a break from. Worshipping with a community, receiving Christ—these things rejuvenate, not deplete. Take time out for yourself that is going to fill you up.

Read the rest of them here…

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