Quick Note to the People of San Francisco

About 100 wealthy Catholics in the Arch Diocese of San Francisco wrote an open letter to Pope Francis and placed it into the San Francisco Chronicle. They are not happy with Archbishop Cordileone for various reasons. 

I think these two excerpts from the letter pretty well sum up their feelings…

“It seems he is going in a direction that is completely opposite where Pope Francis is going and creating an atmosphere of complete intolerance,” said Peninsula attorney Frank Pitre who, along with his wife, Diane, signed the letter. “Hopefully, this is going to get someone’s attention.’’

“The crux of our worry is that the faithful are going to become very disenchanted and stop going to church because they don’t like the message, and the message is not the way they lead their lives,” Nibbi said.

I would just like to add my two cents worth… 

The folks who signed the letter are portrayed as “devout Catholics” in the Arch Diocese of San Francisco. They may go to Mass, but their demands betray a cavernous ignorance of their professed faith. 

On point one,  I don’t think that the Holy Father’s statements mean what they think they mean. Pope Francis has never given any indication that he thinks the Church should change her teaching on gay marriage or illicit sexual activity. To act as though they believe so displays monumental misunderstanding of what the Church is and how the Church works. 

The Catholic Church does not, has never and will never change it’s teachings on faith and morality. Again, to think that it will ever do so indicates a lack of proper catechesis. 

Regarding point two, the ‘crux of their worry’, I would like to say just one thing… 

The Church is not here for your convenience. The Church is here to guide you to salvation.

Each day I pray for my own conversion, because conversion isn’t a one time thing – it has to happen each and every day. We all need it. I also pray for your conversion and salvation…


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