Apologetics In Memes…

There are a lot of great memes that show up around the internet, and some of them are quick and easy ways to evangelize, help with apologetics or just inspire. 

I hate to let them go to waste, so I am starting a new page just for apologetics and inspiration in meme form.

Most of these have the authors/sponsors tagged in the meme itself – credit goes to those folks…

Here are a few to get me started…

Pretty good illustration of the history of the Church and who started what when… And who has been consistent throughout history…

The Conglomination

Why we have beautiful Cathedrals and churches – it’s not what you think…

This is why we have cathedrals

The proof of the love of Jesus…

Proof of the love of Jesus

Where can you find the Sacrament of Confirmation in scripture?

confirmation in scripture

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