UN Report Expresses Displeasure With The Church's Teachings On Abortion And Sexuality

Commence to belly laughing.

Regarding the Concluding observations on the second periodic report of the Holy See report released by the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, I have gone through most of the report (see link above) and wanted to comment on a few of the findings and provisions that I have read. There’s just too much here to cover in a blog post, but I wanted to hi-light a few things that illustrate the lack of understanding and baselessness with which the report was prepared.

The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child has decided that it is now God and (in Article 4, section F, Paragraph 55) has directed the Church to, among other things,

“55. The Committee urges the Holy See to review its position on abortion which places obvious risks on the life and health of pregnant girls and to amend Canon 1398 relating to abortion with a view to identifying circumstances under which access to abortion services can be permitted.”

The Church does not change doctrine. There will be no amendment to “Canon 1398 relating to abortion with a view to identifying circumstances under which access to abortion services can be permitted.”

Truth is an interesting thing. In the end, it cannot be changed, it can only be proven. That’s because the truth is always true.

And abortion is not a service to be rendered, and it is not an act to be performed. Rather, it is a sin which can only be committed and there is not a power on Earth which can change that fact or change the Church’s teaching regarding it. 

Not even the United Nations.

The committee also wants the Church to Change its existing teaching so that they become pretty much what the Church currently teaches (with the exception of the last point), as indicated in article 4, section B, paragraph 26 of the report:

“26. The Committee recommends that the Holy See bring all its laws and regulations, as well as its policies and practices, in conformity with article 2 of the Convention and promptly abolish the discriminatory classification of children born out of wedlock as illegitimate children. The Committee also urges the Holy See to
make full use of its moral authority to condemn all forms of harassment, discrimination or violence against children based on their sexual orientation or the sexual orientation of their parents and to support efforts at international level for the decriminalisation of homosexuality.”

The Church does not promote, and in fact condemns, harassment, discrimination and violence against everybody (homosexuals included: CCC 2358) now. And it most certainly does not discriminate against children born out of wedlock as evidenced by the Church’s massive work to protect the unborn, provide assistance for unwed mothers, provide support for orphans, promote and provide adoption services, etc..  All children are children of God and, therefore, legitimate. 

There are no “illegitimate” children, only illegitimate parents.

The report goes on to say in paragraph #30:

30. The Committee draws the Holy See’s attention to its general comment No 14 (2013) on the right of the child to have his or her best interests taken as a primary consideration and recommends that the Holy See strengthen its efforts to ensure that this right is appropriately integrated and consistently applied in all legislative,
administrative and judicial proceedings as well as in all policies, programmes and projects that are relevant to and have an impact on children. In this regard, the Holy See is encouraged to provide guidance to all relevant persons in authority for making the best interests of the child a primary consideration in every area, including when dealing with cases of child sexual abuse, and to disseminate them to all Catholic churches, organisations and institutions worldwide.

OK – let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that this “recommendation” is fair enough. The committee fails to define the word “children”. 

Apparently, judging by their demand that the Church revisit its teachings on abortion, they exclude the unborn from their definition. While the point of the paragraph appears to be to remove a speck from the Church’s eye as regards to the sex scandals, they would do well to remove the plank from their own eyes in regards to the murder of defenseless children in the womb.

In section D – Violence Against Children, They register a complaint about the Magdalene Laundries of Ireland and demand that the Church investigate the cruelty that, allegedly, though not really, took place there. I’m including the whole section here along with a link to the actual findings made by the McAleese investigation at the end.

“Torture and other cruel or degrading treatment or punishment
37. The Committee is concerned that the Holy See has not taken the necessary measures to protect and ensure justice for girls arbitrarily placed by their families, State institutions and churches in the Magdalene laundries of Ireland run by four congregations of Catholic
Sisters until 1996. The Committee is particularly concerned that:

(a) Girls placed in these institutions were forced to work in slavery like conditions and were often subject to inhuman, cruel and degrading treatment as well as to physical and sexual abuse;

(b) Girls were deprived of their identity, of education and often of food and essential medicines and were imposed with an obligation of silence and prohibited from having any contact with the outside world;

(c) Unmarried girls who gave birth before entering or while incarcerated in the laundries had their babies forcibly removed from them; and

(d) Although the four Catholic congregations concerned function under the authority of the Holy See, no action has been taken to investigate the conduct of the sisters who ran the laundries and to cooperate with law enforcement authorities in holding accountable those who were responsible for the abuse as well as all those who organised and knowingly profited from the girls’ unpaid work. 

38. With reference to the recommendations made by the Committee against Torture in 2011 to the Republic of Ireland (CAT/C/IRL/CO/1 para. 11) to prosecute and punish the perpetrators with penalties commensurate with the gravity of the offences committed, and to ensure that all victims obtain redress and have an enforceable right to compensation, the Committee urges the Holy See to:

(a) Conduct an internal investigation into the conduct of religious personnel working in the Magdalene laundries in Ireland as well as in all countries where this system was in place, and ensure that all those responsible for the offences be sanctioned and reported to national judicial authorities for prosecution purposes;

(b) Ensure that full compensation be paid to the victims and their families either through the congregations themselves or through the Holy See as supreme power of the Church and legally responsible for its subordinates in Catholic religious orders placed under its authority;

(c) Take all appropriate measures to ensure the physical and psychological recovery and social reintegration of the victims of these offences; and

(d) Assess the circumstances and reasons which have led to such practices and take all necessary measures to ensure that no women and children can be arbitrarily confined for whatever reason in Catholic institutions in the future.”

Personally, I think they forgot to:

(A) Take steps and all appropriate measures to ensure that they weren’t talking out of the wrong ends of their torsos; and

(B) Assess the circumstances and reasons which have led to such slovenly conclusions and take all necessary measures to ensure that they are able to face God with good consciences when their time comes. 

The main problem with these “crimes” is that they never happened. The problem with the UN report is that they never bothered to read the results of the investigation. You can click here to see the history of the “scandal”, and the results of the actual investigation. 

This shabby reporting by the UN committee is either a case of complete ineptitude or a case of intentional slander. Ineptitude requires no motivation. In fact, it requires laziness and inaction. Slander, on the other hand, does require a motive…

Additionally, the committee is unhappy with the Church’s positions on contraception, same sex marriages and families, Homosexuality in general, gender based teachings, corporal punishment and a host of other topics as outlined in the document.

Then there’s the demand that the Church change the curriculum throughout Catholic schools around the world.

And more…

Like I said – there’s just too much to get through here. 

These people have no concept of what the Church is or how she sees matters of faith and morals. The Catholic Church does not change doctrine. It never has and it never will. And the Church is not  accountable to the United Nations, the United States or the entire world for her teachings. The Catholic Church is accountable only to God.

At some point, everybody in history is going to realize that. Obviously, we’re not there, yet.


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