The gift of Mary

A Hot Cross Bun

mary and JesusDuring Advent I ofteconsider the plight of Mary. The Savior of the world was placed in her womb for her to love, protect and care for as only a mother could.  The Advent story not only shares Christ’s birth but also shares a story of a mother’s amazing faith who in the face of judgment, poverty and fear completely submits herself to the will of God, no matter how hard that would prove to be.

If placed in Mary and Joseph’s shoes Dawsey and I would really struggle…


Dawsey: “What do you mean you’re pregnant?! I’ve been deployed for a year.”
Me: “Yea… Well this angel told me it was God’s son, so get the baby stuff ready.”

Dawsey: “Just hop your 9 month pregnant buns up here on this donkey because we have to head about 80 miles…

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