Truth… 1

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The really great thing about truth is that it never changes. It’s always true…

It is not defined or proven by those who believe it or disbelieve it. It is only defined by the fact that it is true.

It pays no attention to emotions, is not swayed by “feelings”, is not changed by situations. It is not influenced by popular opinion, nor is it determined by a majority of voters.

Truth is not subject to mood swings or whim, love or hate, good or evil. It is completely objective, it is not subject to any outside influences whatsoever.

It cannot be cajoled, coaxed, argued, begged or tricked into into bending the smallest micron of an amount. It is true to itself. And only to itself.

The idea that “you have your truth and I have mine” is a total, complete and utter falsehood. If everybody in the world…

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