An Unexpected Sequel – Leona Choy

It’s never too late…

Are we ever too old to “be transformed by the renewing of our minds”?

Could a lifelong evangelical Protestant missionary approaching her eightieth year be too old to become a Catholic?

On my journey home from a successful seven-week speaking tour to promote my newly published autobiography, something happened that would send me on another—unexpected—journey home.

Shocked Out of My Socks

To wrap up my writing career, and after a lifetime of evangelism among Chinese people, I had set off to investigate my own ancestral roots in Europe. I wanted to leave a legacy of my life not only as a heritage for my family but as a wider witness to God’s faithfulness and guidance. I traveled several times to Europe to research my cultural, ethnic, religious, and family roots.

I was satisfied that I had traced my religious roots as far back as I could—back to the martyr-reformer Jan Hus, born in 1372 in what is now the Czech Republic. He was burned at the stake for his reforms against what I called in my research “the corrupt Roman papal Church.” Protestants claim Hus as their champion although he remained a Catholic priest to his death.

I took for granted that all my religious roots were Protestant as were those of my late husband, Ted. All our academic training and ministry was in the Reformed tradition although our mission work among the Chinese was nondenominational.

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