Abortion never saves a woman's life

We extend our deepest condolences to the husband and family of Savita Halappanavar at this very difficult time.

It is important to remember that Irish doctors are always obliged to intervene to save the life of a mother – even if that risks the life of her baby. In fact, the Medical Council are very clear in this regard.

Their guidelines state that doctors will be struck off if they don’t intervene to save the life of a mother. The result of the investigation into Ms Halappanavar’s death will make the facts known. May she Rest In Peace.


No. Experts tell us that abortion is not medically necessary to save the life of a mother. There are NO conditions arising in pregnancy that can ONLY be treated by directly ending the life of the unborn child.

That’s what the medical evidence and the testimony of leading medical experts proves.

There are 4 important points to remember:

A. Abortion is the deliberate and intentional destruction of an unborn child
Medical treatment is any treatment needed to save a pregnant woman’s life – including premature delivery of the baby if required. Even though the baby may not survive, every reasonable attempt to save the baby’s life would be part of the medical intervention.

B. These medical treatments are NOT abortions, they are not considered abortion by the professional, and it’s both dishonest and insensitive to mothers to pretend otherwise.

C. If ANY medical condition arises during pregnancy, such as cancer or ectopic pregnancy, doctors in Ireland will ALWAYS treat the mother even if that gives rise to the unintentional death of their baby. That’s because the intent of this treatment is to save the mother, not to kill the baby. And that’s NOT abortion

D. The guidelines of the Irish Medical Council state that doctors are obliged to give all necessary medical treatment to pregnant women, even if causes the unintentional death of their unborn child. Furthermore, they state that if doctors fail to treat women in these situations, they may be struck off the register.

See full citations and more information here: http://www.thelifeinstitute.net/current-projects/abortion-never-saves-a-life/

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