Some Thoughts On Society And Gay Marriage

Tonight I was reading a post by Jennifer Fulwiler on her blog site ‘A Conversion Diary’.  She was describing a conversation about ‘gay marriage’ she had engaged in with a gay friend. I have been thinking about her post, and it triggered some thoughts of my own…

Human society absolutely requires one basic thing – humans.Without humans, humans don’t exist and, therefore, human society cannot exist. That seems pretty basic, I know, but that’s where everything human (on an Earthly level) starts. How many people ever stop to consider that?

In order to create a human being, you need a human sperm and a human egg.

In order to acquire a human sperm and a human egg, you need a human male and a human female. That’s just the nature of things.You can’t, within nature, no matter how hard you try or wish it to be, get sperm from a female or an egg from a male member of the species. Nature is simply not going to bend her own rules to accommodate two people of the same gender and allow them to create life together. No matter how much they like or love each other.

So, in order for society to exist, procreation must occur, and the only way that procreation can occur is for a man and a woman to engage in the only (natural) activity through which new human life is created – sex. And when a new life is created, the basic building block of society comes into existence – a family.

The family is where all society begins. Without a mother and a father, there can be no children. And if there are no children, humanity becomes extinct, taking with it human society. (I know that’s a bit redundant, but it’s important to understand that propagation  is the only reason we exist.)

Throughout history, nature has demanded the propagation of the the human species, and the only way she has provided for our survival is through conjugal relations between a man and a woman. As civilizations developed, these relationships became formalized, and the moniker of “marriage” was applied to the committed procreative state. 

And, at it’s core, that’s what “marriage” is – the natural coming together of a man and a woman to fulfill the requirements of nature and society for the purpose of ensuring that the Human Race continues.

And that’s the way “marriage” has been defined and practiced for thousands of years. It is the natural state of things. Anything else is outside of nature.

To remove the possibility of a child from the sex act is unnatural, but that is what became the “norm” around 1930. (See “Fruits Of The Contraceptive Mindset” for background.) Artificial contraception got the ‘go ahead’ from the Church of England and suddenly we started down the road of “All sex all the time” with no fear of pregnancy.

The natural result of sexual relations is a child, and since you take the (possibility of) a baby out of sex, there is no reason to have a normal sexual relationship – they all become normal…

And here’s a short list of what’s become the norm, or is becoming the norm, since we started thinking this way…

  • Abortion
  • Rampant Adultery
  • Ubiquitous pornography
  • Mercy killing/Euthanasia
  • High divorce rates
  • Childhood sex
  • Unchecked unwed motherhood
  • Cohabitation
  • Gay marriage
  • Epidemic levels of sexually transmitted diseases

The mindset which grew out of the acceptance of artificial contraception has brought us to where we are today. The gravity of the contraceptive mentality has made the journey down the  slippery slope an unnatural reality.

The word “Artificial”, by definition, means “not natural”. “Not natural” means “outside of nature”. Hence, everything that has transpired since sex became disassociated with the bearing of children is based on practices against the natural order. And, of course, gay marriage is on that list.

The gay lifestyle is a product of the mindset that “children are not the product of a sexual relationship”. “Gay marriage” is the unnatural progression from acceptance of the gay life style, and therefore, of the contraceptive mindset.

The “contraceptive mindset” is, at it’s deepest foundation, unnatural and, therefore, against nature itself.

And as the concept of “gay Marriage” is based on the artificiality of the contraceptive mindset (that procreation is not a part of the sexual union), it is also against nature itself.

Even if gay couples live together, adopt children and call themselves a family, the most they can ever hope to be is an artificial family unit.

If two men or two women could, without outside human interference, produce life together, there would be no reason to oppose “gay marriage”. But they cannot.

That’s nature…


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3 Responses to Some Thoughts On Society And Gay Marriage

  1. gericho49 says:

    By have recently been arguing the topic of homosexuality/Homophobia on a youtube blog. What i get is it is “normal” and based on genetics. That is “we are just programmed that way”
    This silly claim that sexual preference comes down to genetic programming s is self-defeating. If we’re just a bunch of selfish genes as biologist Dawkins claims, sodomy would have to be a genetic aberration since as you rightly point out, survival & procreation are fundamental to the survival of the species.. If gays are going to claim morality is arbitrary, just a spinoff from sociobiological evolution then they must explain how polygamy, underage sex, cross-dressing, paedophilia dont all come down to mere genetics.

    What exactly is “normal”? Atheists assume moral values are whatever a particular society says is fashionable.? If some societies practise female infanticide, euthanasia, cannibalism, on whose authority do we judge them. If some prefer relationships with 15yr old or God-forbid, 10 yr olds. arent they equally justified in claiming its “normal” if their genetic makeup says so?

    No wonder dubious lifestyles like homosexuality lead to 20yr shorter lifespans as has been proven. See lifesitenews dot com

    The key point is, the demand to recognize “gay marriage” is just a clever ploy to legitimize “alternate” and often dangerous forms of sexual gratification. It may an honorable thing to recognise the union of 2 committed adults but a totally different one to condone rampantly dangerous behaviour in which adherents openly brag about multiple partners not in the 10s but 100s, behaviour that shortens life expectancy, spreads deadly diseases while being anti-family. It’s about forcing society to validate a psychological state that contradicts basic evolution by pretending that it’s “normal”. Should we care if a society wants to breed children as organ donors? Atheist philosopher & author Peter Singer sees nothing wrong with many of the above practises. On whose ultimate authority can we say he’s wrong?

    The idea is born out of secular & multicultural ideology, that demands that moral standards are at the whim of society. To get their way, gay activists have no qualms about using rhetorical violence to attack those who reject their dubious lifestyle as bigots & homophobes. Claiming that theyre just the product of their genes, they have no qualms at condemning other sexual aberrations that they consider inapropriate.. Their vocal minority try to circumvent the normal legal process by any and all means possible while simultaneously rejecting the right of the majority to vote according to their conscience.


  2. Lol, this is a tired old yarn, and it doesn’t square with the actual practices of marriage throughout human history. I don’t see any point in going over the details. Either you give a damn or you don’t. You don’t.


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