How Lila Rose Became Pro-Life … and Catholic – Justin Bell, National Catholic Register

Live Action Founder Discusses Youth Outreach

At 9 years old, Lila Rose saw an image of an aborted baby in a book at her home. She said it struck her to the heart, and she asked, “How could anybody do this to a baby?”

In time, she became educated about the abortion issue and wanted to act, speak out and help save some of the lives that were being taken.

At 15, Rose started her organization Live Action (, which she continues to lead today. In 2006, Rose began her series of undercover videos of Planned Parenthood that revealed non-reporting of apparently illegal situations. Rose and friends would pose as minor, pregnant girls seeking abortions, while videotaping conversations with workers, and then later post the videos on YouTube.

Last year, Live Action released a video where a manager at a Planned Parenthood center in New Jersey aided a couple pretending to be operating a prostitution ring of 14- and 15-year-old girls.

Live Action’s video investigations have placed serious scrutiny on the largest abortion provider in the country, including a more than $61-million loss of state funding, according to the group. The investigation in New Jersey led to an Illinois law that expanded the list of those who are obligated to report sex violations involving minors to authorities.

Rose, who comes from a family of eight children, recently graduated from UCLA and is quickly becoming a pro-life leader. She spoke to Register correspondent Justin Bell at the March for Life Jan. 23 about a variety of topics, including her conversion to Catholicism.

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