There is probably nothing more disturbing to Protestants than the profound devotion which Catholics have for the Blessed Virgin Mary. In this program Scott begins to explain the Marian doctrines by turning to the Bible. He spends a considerable amount of time looking at the Book of Genesis and the Prophet Isaiah to show how the role of Mary in salvation history was foreshadowed in the Old Testament. He then takes these Old Testament insights and shows how the writers of the New Testament see in Mary the Mother of Christ – the new Eve and the new Mother of humanity.

As you probably know, this is our third installment in a series of five sessions that we are spending together discussing how to answer common objections, questions regarding key tenets that are distinctive to the Catholic Church. We have focused upon the Pope and yesterday we looked at purgatory. This morning we want to focus on Mary and the Marian doctrines and devotions of the Catholic Church to see where in scripture do we see, not necessarily logical demonstrations that are brought forth from proof texts that kind of force the mind against the will to give in and to acquiesce in these beliefs, but where do we find in scripture the reflections and the illustrations and the assumptions and the conclusions that the Catholic Church affirms with regard to the Blessed Virgin Mary?

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