Go To Mass and Lose Your Faith?

The abuses at Mass have become so serious, that high-ranking Vatican officials are endorsing the idea that someone can go to Mass and ACTUALLY LOSE THEIR FAITH! They are now coming out and saying so publicly.

Critical Mass
Hello everyone .. and welcome to the Vortex .. where lies and falsehoods are trapped and
exposed .. I’m Michael Voris.
When you go to Mass on Sunday in your parish .. who is the main attraction? When you
are go, are you happy with the music ministers, the homily, the readers, the army of lay
people distributing Holy Communion? Is there a rousing round of applause for the choir?
All of the emphasis on all these humans is absolutely out of place and should not be
present – at all.
Allow me to quote from Cardinal Raymond Burke at the Vatican .. “If we err by thinking
we are the center of the liturgy, the Mass will lead to a loss of faith,”.
What was that?! Mass will lead to a loss of Faith.  Was he quoted correctly?! You bet he
was.  And he’s right.  The Mass is not about you and me and Fr. Crowd Pleaser. Nor it is
about the music ministers .. btw – does anyone else besides me get sick of hearing the
term “minister” applied to every action that any person anywhere performs in the
The Mass is about Jesus Christ.  He is the doer of the action .. the re-presentation of the
sacrifice of Calvary to the Heavenly Father.  Any thing else .. any other emphasis is
Protestant .. and by that we mean .. protesting that central truth of the faith .. you know ..
like Martin Luther did.
Cardinal Burke’s comments came at a book launch in Rome last week for a new work
entitled .. How to Go To Mass and Not lose your faith.  It is only available .. as of right
now anyway .. in Italian.
In throwing his support behind the book .. Cardinal Burke .. as usual .. did not treat the
subject with ambiguity.  He said .. too many priests and bishops treat violations of
liturgical norms as something that is unimportant when, in fact, they are “serious abuses.”
That is quite the statement.  It says quite a bit.  In fact .. everything about Cardinal Burke
and this topic is quite bespeaks much.
First of all .. he publicly agrees with and supports an author who says Mass can be an
occasion of sin for the faithful owing to the infidelity of the priest to the liturgical norms.
Why?  Because those norms exist to remove all distractions and focus our attention on
what is REALLY going on at Mass – the sacrifice .. not Father’s jokes or Sister Wanna
Be Ordained giving the homily or reflection .. or the music group pounding out some
more tunes to keep the audience entertained during the boring parts.
And it does not escape notice that Cardinal Burke lays the blame for this catastrophic
1�state of affairs .. and it is proof of spiritual catastrophy when people can go to Mass and
LOSE the faith instead of having it increased .. when he lays the blame for it at the feet of
his brother bishops .. as well as the priests.
To think of the abuses that have become standard fare .. practically ensconced in the
liturgy in thousands of parishes across the US and Europe and Canada and Australia .. to
thin of all of these week after week .. decade after decade .. multiplied by this time
millions of times over it a soul wrenching thought.
Do these priests and bishops think they are not going to be held to account for the mass
desertion from the faith that has happened on their watch.  And more than just happened
on their watch .. actually encouraged and promulgated BY them.
When these men were ordained to the priesthood .. they entered into a relationship with
Jesus Christ to actually become ALTER CHRISTUS .. as the Church puts it .. another
Christ during the supreme moment of sacrifice.
Too many of them have turned it into a spectacle of self-admiration.  God have mercy on
them.  The lack of reverence .. even bordering on contempt or worse yet .. indifference
with which they treat the Eucharistic Lord threatens to be their condemnation.
As for their bishops who allow these sacrileges to continue and even participate in them ..
without a complete about face and desire for repentance .. the cup they drink from at
Mass will be for them a cup of wrath in eternity.
To even consider that these men .. called by God to teach govern and sanctify .. who are
allowing these abuses which Cardinal Burke rightfully calls “serious” are presiding over
souls LOSING the faith entrusted to them is a thought to terrible to consider.
They are playing fast and loose with their personal salvation .. and if they lose their
souls .. how much more will their pains be increased when they cast their eyes all around
them in the lake of fire and behold the souls of so many others that their actions and lack
of action helped consign to the flames.
Cardinal Burke is right.  This is serious.  How many bishops in America have allowed
these atrocities to continue for so long?  How many simply refuse to take up arms and
engage the enemy for a host of truly pitiful and stupid reasons?  Do they consider that
they will never have to give account?  Do they think the only reckoning they have to
consider is the annual diocesan audit?
They place their own souls in dire peril.  They risk the souls of their priests who they are
supposed to love and care for as a Father his sons and they gamble away the sheep
entrusted to them.
And for what? So as to not rock the boat?  To not upset a belligerent chancery staff? To
appear splendid and well loved in the eyes of the faithful?  None of that will matter at all
as hell fire engulfs them and the stench of putrid and burning souls fills their nostrils.
2Pray for the leaders of the Church.  Simply put .. too many of them have adopted to the
times and place too much hope in princes and men.  They belong exclusively to the
Almighty .. and those who have wandered too far need to be encouraged without delay to
return and in so doing .. save the Mass .. save their flocks and save themselves.
Eternity is a long time!
GOD Bless you.  I’m Michael Voris

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