Contraception & the Shepherds

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Contraception and the Shepherds
Hello everyone .. and welcome to the Vortex .. where lies and falsehoods are trapped and
exposed .. I’m Michael Voris.
It has become very clear as one surveys the Catholic world that the greatest danger to the
Faith, both spiritually and materially is the contraceptive mentality.
As Pope Paul VI warned in 1968, if contraception becomes the order of the day, then
societies will crumble.  The Church’s exhibit #1 – the current state of western culture.
Say no more.
It has descended to such a point of debasement that you wonder if it is even retrievable
any longer without a direct act of Divine intervention. And the contraceptive mentality is
to blame for this.
Sex has become separated from the act of pro-creation. Once that happens, intimacy is
replaced with selfish physical gratification.  And that of course leads to shattered
relationships which spread like a poison throughout society, until enough relationships
are shattered that the very society itself is laid waste.
It is in to this chaos that the Church is called to intervene .. to bring the good news of
redemption.  But if the leaders of the Church refuse to preach it .. if they hold back .. if
they are tentative in teaching .. then God help us all.
What is needed today is an entire all out attack on the culture of contraception .. which is
anti-life, anti-family and therefore ultimately anti-human.  The US Bishops here could
take a cue the bishops in the Philippines who just a little over a month ago produced a
splendid pastoral letter on the evil of contraception and birth control as it relates to law
that anti-life forces are trying desperately to get passed in that heavily Catholic country.
Such bold and definitive clarity. Uncompromising. Unabashed.  A clarion call that says it
like it is .. calling this mind set and attempts to codify it “evil” .. which of course it is.
It’s a short letter that was signed onto UNANIMOUSLY by the Filipino bishops.
Real Catholic TV was invited to the Philippines to help engage in that battle on the part
of the bishops and faithful laity.  While we were there .. it was my deepest pleasure to
give a number of talks before audiences ranging from 50 to 2000.
While the cause of the presentations was the political – moral crisis revolving around the
proposed birth control bill .. this one topic paved the way for discussion and talks on a
much larger range of issues.
During our time there .. we spoke on an expanse of issues like the challenge of being
Catholic today .. the cause of the current crisis in the Church .. what faithful Catholics
can do about it .. how contemporary worldly spirituality like New Age is a serious danger
1to the faith .. how so many varying and contradictory Protestant misinterpretations of
Sacred Scripture have dramatically weakened Christianity in general and Catholicism in
general .. the intense spiritual battle that Catholics must fight every day .. that Catholics
must realize that behind all of this flood of evil is our arch enemy himself .. Satan,
motivated by his fantastic hatred of humanity and the natural world .. and how young
people in particular must stand like a fortress against the sexualized culture and realize
the tsunami of evil threatening to swamp them.
In short .. we went to bring a stark message of reality .. an unvarnished look at the horrors
washing over humanity today and a counter message of hope and strength that faithful
Catholics .. laity and clergy together have it in our power to beat back and conquer these
After all .. The Catholic Church has been burying her enemies for centuries.
Our camera crew came with us on our trip to the Philippines and videotaped all of the
talks .. and even captured footage of our meetings with some of the splendid Filipino
Our editors back here at our real Catholic TV studios have been busily compiling and
editing all of these talks into a single collection .. Real Catholic TV in The Philippines.
We’ve already received a number of inquiries from around the world thru emails and
facebook if the talks would be available and we’re happy to say the answer is yes.  We
are just in the final stages of producing the DVD masters so copies can be made available
to anyone who would like to order.
If you’d like more information .. please click on the link right over here to find out
details. If you are watching on You Tube .. please go to and click on today’s
Vortex entitled Contraception and the Shepherds and then click on the link from there.
As we said .. our recent excursion to the Philippines was about much more than just the
local issue of the contraception law trying to be passed there.  That served as a
springboard to talk about many many other issues that Catholics must become aware of ..
both inside and outside the Church. We are happy to offer this series of talks in one DVD
Being Catholic is much more than just bearing the name.  The faithful Catholic is
involved .. plugged in .. sees the great needs of the world today and more than resolved to
do something about it .. but actually DOES DO something .. he or she commits
themselves .. to the point of whatever sacrifice Our Blessed Lord requires of them .. to
help save the world.
This is our calling .. our duty .. our privilege!
GOD Bless you.  I’m Michael Voris.

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