Abortion is Devastating the African American Community, Is Anyone Noticing? – Deal Hudson, LifeNews.com

According to the Centers for Disease Control, African American women have 40 percent of the nation’s abortions, but make up only 13 percent of the population. That black children are being aborted at such a high rate has not been a subject of discussion among the Democrats in the Congress and the White House, who insist on leaving the door open for abortion funding in the health care bill.

But a recent article in the New York Times suggests that the disproportionate price being paid in the African American community for the pro-abortion advocacy of Planned Parenthood is beginning to be noticed.
According to the piece, Georgia Right to Life changed its tactics last year by having minority outreach coordinator Catherine Davis visit black churches throughout the state, “delivering the message that abortion is the primary tool in a decades-old conspiracy to kill off blacks.”
Pro-life activists have long known that Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, explicitly recommended the “eugenics value” of abortion as a means of suppressing minority populations. But now the story of the nefarious roots of the abortion movement are gaining traction among the African Americans that Davis met with.

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