March for Life Sees Pro-Life Americans Flood Nation's Capital to Oppose Abortion

Washington, DC ( — Americans of all ages and races flooded the nation’s capital today for the annual March for Life to express their opposition to the destruction of more than 52 million unborn children. They carried a plethora of signs ranging from “Defend Life” to “Abortion is Not Health Care” to “Stop Abortion Now.”

As she has for so many years, pro-life stalwart Nellie Gray opened the March for Life standing alongside key pro-life members of Congress and longtime advocates.

Congressman Chris Smith has long been regarded as the nation’s top pro-life advocate on Capitol Hill and his speech was well-received.

“For all of us, all human life is precious and sacred and in urgent need of protection. We welcome and deeply respect everyone including the weak, the vulnerable and the disenfranchised,” he said.

“We especially admire and honor the extraordinarily courageous post-abortive women who are silent no more. Their voice and witness show the path to reconciliation for all women who have been first deceived, then victimized by abortion,” he added.

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