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Please read the following message from CatholicVote.org

The news is still sinking in.

Saturday morning, in the middle of a monster snowstorm, Senator Ben Nelson caved and agreed to support phony abortion language in the proposed Senate healthcare bill. His agreement gave the Democrats the final vote needed to proceed with a vote on their bill.

If this legislation becomes law, it will entangle the American taxpayer in the financing of abortion in a way that has never occurred before. The federal government will force you to subsidize private health insurance plans that cover abortion, resulting in the largest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade.

It is a sad day when the lives of innocent babies are traded away for a single vote. But it serves as a powerful reminder of why the mission of CatholicVoteAction is so critical.

The pro-abortion lobby wants nothing more than a complacent Catholic laity. They want us to give up and move on.

During this entire healthcare debate, some Democrats like Rep. Bart Stupak were willing to buck this trend. While others, like Senator Ben Nelson and Senator Bob Casey, talked a big pro-life game but ultimately folded under pressure.

Senator Casey was a big disappointment. When running to replace Sen. Rick Santorum, Casey pledged to be a strong pro-life and pro-family voice. Then he betrayed us earlier this year with his vote in favor of federal funding for oversees abortions. But the prize of passing any healthcare bill (no matter how flawed) also caught Casey’s eye. And instead of stepping up to the plate and stopping this provision, mighty Casey struck out.

Senator Nelson’s vote was even more shameful. Nelson repeatedly stated that the prevention of federal funding of abortion was so important that he would derail the whole bill in order to stand up for the unborn. In fact, just recently Senator Nelson said, “Federal taxpayer money ought not to be used to fund abortions. So whether it is subsidies on premiums or whether it is tax credits or whatever it is… it should not be used to fund abortions.”

So what changed?

At the last minute, Senator Nelson secured what’s being called the Cornhusker Kickback. Because the proposed healthcare bill obligates cash-strapped states to chip in more money into Medicaid, Senator Nelson demanded a one-state loophole preventing Nebraska from having to pay an estimated $100 million. And it’s a permanent loophole.

In the end, the voices of the unborn were ignored by a win-at-all-costs mentality.

We at CatholicVote are accustomed to politicians neglecting the priority of protecting the unborn. But faced with this challenge, our message must be defiant: we will never forget about these children! We will always stand up for justice. And you can be confident we will make sure politicians that let us down pay a heavy political price when they seek the Catholic vote.

Right now, the best way you can help this cause is to help us build our movement into a stronger voice so that we can continue to fight for children, for families and for our faith. Tell your friends to sign-up for our newsletter at www.catholicvoteaction.org. Help us to be there whenever and wherever we are needed in 2010.

And 2010 will start off with a bang, as the Senate bill will have to be reconciled with the House bill. Rep. Stupak and his colleagues are already gearing up for a big fight, and they are going to need our help.

Thank you for your courageous stand on behalf of the unborn. Remember that nothing in life, even in politics, is outside the scope of God’s Providence. It’s precisely at a moment of temporary defeat where Our Lord often tests our faith in Him the most.

Brian Burch, President

P.S. We ran ads around the clock. We filled their email and phone boxes. We did our part, and we stood up for the truth. But don’t be discouraged… this legislation must still overcome the hurdles of being reconciled with the House version. And as we witnessed this past weekend, a lot can change in a short amount of time.

Finally, look for a special message from us tomorrow, that is finally (gasp) NOT about healthcare.

NOTE: This message was paid for by CatholicVoteAction.org.  As a public policy advocacy group, contributions to CatholicVoteAction.org are NOT tax-deductible. Contributions to CatholicVote.org remain tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. 

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