BODY MATTERS – Catholic TV Show

This is a “series” of special programs, documentaries and short films focusing on Catholic moral issues. In September, learn about Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body with Father Roger Landry from the Diocese of Fall River (MA). October is Respect Life Month and “Body Matters” will focus on programs looking at life issues throughout the month. We will highlight the first show of the upcoming CatholicTV® series Making Sense Out of Bioethics “Test Tube Babies”. Join Father Tad Pacholczyk, Ph.D., and Elizabeth Lee as they co-host this series exploring the ethical challenges raised by the coming of a “brave new world” in science and medicine. The first show explores the moral problems with using in vitro fertilization, and considers how we should respect the beautiful, God-given designs of our sexuality so that new members of the human family always enter the world through the marital embrace of their parents. Some of the other programs airing in this time slot includes: “Crossroads of the Heart”, a program in which women share their stories about life after abortion and “Turning the Tide”, a look at euthenasia.

Test-Tube Babies

Click here to see the show…

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